About FlaterCo

FlaterCo was an Internet company that we (David and Tracey Flater) formed in 1998 to serve as an outlet for our creative works and technical services.  We had high hopes that it might grow into a real company with employees and shareholders, so to avoid a messy rechartering later on we made it a stock corporation from the beginning.

It was a bad idea.  In Maryland, stock corporations pay filing fees whether they make money or not, and we could never seem to get out of that hole.  FlaterCo, Inc. was dissolved in June, 2003.

This operation, by any name, is as inactive and unprofitable as ever, but the convenience of having the web site continues to justify its cost.  So here we are.  Little ventured, little lost, not quite dead and not going anywhere.

Contact information


Don't wait by the computer expecting an immediate response.  It is not unusual for me to be away from keyboard for two weeks at a time.  But if I'm in town and not busy putting out more urgent fires, I'll typically respond to the actionable ones within a day or two.