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Last modified: Sat Mar 8 13:39:55 EST 2014

Best remake:  Classic DOOM 3

Classic DOOM 3 V1.3.1

Description:  Remake—a mod for DOOM 3 that recreates Knee-Deep in the Dead in a DOOM 3 kind of way.

Source:  random upload site

Before I pick nits with a generally brilliant remake, dig Brian Kline's (Sonic Clang) remake of the E1M1 music.  (Your browser must be set up to play OGG files for that link to work.)

As I said, it is a brilliant remake.  The levels are reproduced in loving detail, instantly recognizable and fun to play.  The nits are that the overall gameplay and the terrible lighting are loyal to DOOM 3 (auto-aim is a luxury that you will not find here), there's no ultraviolence skill level, and even on nightmare there are still only three goons where there would normally be four in the starting area of E1M1.

One of the nice things about Classic DOOM was you could move forward and back using a mouse or (preferably) a track ball, and use the keyboard for strafing and firing.  In DOOM 3, the option to allow forward and back motion with the mouse is broken and would be of dubious value in a true 3-D level anyway.


The Linux version of DOOM 3 runs more smoothly than the Windows one if you find a working configuration.  Unfortunately, it is very good at triggering failures in display drivers.

A non-default keyboard layout (e.g., Dvorak) causes doom3 to corrupt its key bindings from one run to the next.  I work around by preserving uncorrupt copies of base/DoomConfig.cfg and cdoom/DoomConfig.cfg and overwriting the ones under ~/.doom3 before each run.

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