Dell laptop

Last modified: Sun Jun 2 10:52:20 EDT 2019

The following workarounds were necessary on a Dell Latitude D505 laptop having an Intel 855GME chipset.

1.  Can't set X11 to LCD screen's native resolution

Install the program 855resolution by Alain Poirier and add something like the following to rc.local.  The specified resolution will then be accessible when specified in xorg.conf.

# Patch RAM image of video BIOS to enable 1400x1050 mode
/usr/local/bin/855resolution 5c 1400 1050

2.  Screen stays blank after lid is closed and opened

Install the program vbetool by Matthew Garrett.  (N.B., it would not compile cleanly for me; I used the Slackware contrib package at

Configure acpid to do vbetool dpms on when the lid is opened.  I did this by modifying /etc/acpi/ as follows.

***        2006-09-20 16:06:35.000000000 -0400
---     2006-09-20 16:16:58.000000000 -0400
*** 5,10 ****
--- 5,13 ----
  set $@
  case "$1" in
+   video)
+     /usr/local/bin/vbetool dpms on
+     ;;
      case "$2" in
        power) /sbin/init 0

By inspecting my syslog log files I determined that the ACPI event video/VID is sent only when the lid is opened, so I hooked the action off of that.  Others have instead hooked button/lid, which happens both on close and on open, to a script that does different things depending on the contents of /proc/acpi/button/lid/LID/state.