One-liners of PC configuration wisdom

Last modified: Sun Jun 2 10:24:41 EDT 2019

  1. The only way to deal with Microsoft Windows is disk imaging.
  2. Never let a Microsoft install disk partition your hard drive. *
  3. If Windows asks an obscure question, the correct answer is always NO!
  4. Never trust Cable Select. **
  5. Archive all downloaded drivers and applications.
  6. If there's a firmware update available, flash it.
  7. Hard drive significantly newer than BIOS is bad juju.
  8. In BIOS setup, "Legacy" is usually a good thing.
  9. If pin 20 of an IDE header gets in the way, remove it.
  10. There is no such thing as a free PC.

* Unless you are installing DOS.

** Unless it's one of those WD drives that become unresponsive when they are jumpered as Master.