Windows 7 installation notes

Last modified: Sun Jun 2 10:46:55 EDT 2019

These are notes from my installation of the original release of Windows 7 Ultimate x64 in July 2010.  Your requirements may vary.

Notes added during a reinstall using Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 U in 2014-12 are indicated by dark blue text.

Running the install

Windows (Microsoft) Update

Network configuration

Some things that were services in XP (e.g., telnet) are now found under Windows Features.


Data Execution Prevention

By default, Data Execution Prevention (using the NX, No eXecute, or XD, eXecute Disable bits) is enabled only for Windows operating system executables.  The setting to enable it for everything is buried under Control Panel → System and Security → System → Advanced system settings → Performance → Settings → Data Execution Prevention.



Office 2010 (retail box)

Firefox and Thunderbird


AVG Antivirus

QuickBooks 2010