Last modified: Sat Mar 5 12:58:44 EST 2022

3 pound bread

A substantial wheat/rye bread recipe for the 3-pound bread machine with 2 paddles.

This recipe is very sensitive to water.  When I used to use Hodgson Mill rye flour it took 700 g water.  Since that became extinct I switched to Great River Organic Milling dark rye flour and had to reduce the water by 20 g to prevent the dough becoming too sticky.

Add water and olive oil to the machine.  Pre-mix the dry ingredients before adding, then get the wet and dry at least somewhat mixed before starting the machine (otherwise the flour may just float).  Run on regular cycle, 3 lbs, dark crust.

If the amount of water is correct, the dough starts out sticky but soon absorbs the water and stabilizes.  It can be difficult to get started though.  Carefully use a spoon to help the bread machine along by pulling the doughball away from the side of the pan until the sticky phase is over and it is kneading well.  If the dough becomes gummy later on, making circles at the bottom of the pan, start with less water the next time.