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The crust of this pizza is extremely thin but quite crispy.  To manage this, the crust must be blind baked on a pan before toppings are added.  It is too thin to be managed with a peel.  If it were baked on an oven rack it would fall through, and if toppings were added first it would never get crispy.



Knead dough in bread machine.  Check the dough a few times and add 1 tsp water if it's dry or a sprinkle of flour if it's sticky.

Make a doughball, coat it in olive oil and allow it to rise in a covered bowl.  Sprinkle corn meal over a perforated pan.  Stretch dough to 15 inch diameter (thin enough to see through) and place on pan.  Coat with olive oil and blind bake for 15 minutes at 350° Fahrenheit.  When finished it should have the crispness of a fried tortilla.

(N.B., wheat crust can't be stretched as thin without tearing and won't get crispy.)


Note:  Veggie crumbles work best under the cheese while patties work best as a topping.

Thaw veggie patties or crumbles in microwave.

Coat crust with sauce, Sazonador Total, fennel seed, hot pepper, veggie crumbles (if applicable), and cheese.  Tear veggie patties into chunks and spread over cheese (if applicable).  Top with paprika and drizzle with olive oil.  Bake for 9 minutes at 475° Fahrenheit.

If recipe is doubled to make 2 pizzas in 1 oven, increase baking times to 19 minutes at 350° for the crust and then 11 minutes at 475°.