Last modified: Sat Mar 5 12:53:36 EST 2022

Tacos / burritos

For tacos:

Microwave veggie crumbles for 1 minute, stir, microwave for 30 seconds, stir again.

Microwave a tortilla for 8 seconds, coat it with adhesive and curry powder, and wrap it to the outside of a taco shell.  Fill the bottom of the taco shell with more adhesive and fat-free Cheddar.

Fill taco with crumbles.  Coat top of taco with Sazonador Total or Mrs. Dash and another layer of fat-free Cheddar.  Apply hot sauce liberally and eat.

Repeat as necessary.

For burritos:

Substitute large tortilla and omit taco shell.

Fill a small bowl with frozen veggie crumbles and thaw in microwave.

Warm tortilla in microwave.  Dump all ingredients in a big pile in the middle, wrap it up and eat.