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New currents for Salish Sea / Puget Sound (2019-06-20)

Updated harmonics available from https://flaterco.com/xtide/files.html#harmonicsfiles include new Salish Sea / Puget Sound currents that were obtained from NOAA by Charles Douglass.  All other data are untouched from 2018-12-27.

tideeditor-1.5 (2019-03-31)

Egil Kvaleberg enabled tideEditor to build with Qt5 (Qt4 is still supported).  Miscellaneous other additions and bug fixes.  Get it from https://flaterco.com/xtide/files.html#extras.

XTide 2.15.2 (2019-02-24)

This fixes an SVG character escaping bug that caused the SVG outputs for some locations to have bad syntax.  Get it from https://flaterco.com/xtide/files.html#xtide.

harmgen-3.1.3 (2019-02-02)

Fixed code rot:  harmbase2 no longer has OIDs, so can't use OIDs in the insert statement that harmgen outputs.  Available from https://flaterco.com/xtide/files.html#experts.

Data refresh 2018-12-27

Data refresh available from https://flaterco.com/xtide/files.html#harmonicsfiles.

A corresponding renovation of the harmonic constants management package is available from https://flaterco.com/xtide/files.html#experts.

congen-1.7 (2018-01-14)

Fixed race in parallel builds; updated congen_input.txt; added scripts XDO2Basic.rb and Compound2Basic.rb.  Available from https://flaterco.com/xtide/files.html#experts.

End of maintenance for non-free data

For various reasons, I have ended maintenance of the non-free data set.  Anyone interested in generating new harmonic constants from published data can find information and a list of data sources here.

Mailing list

There is an announce-only mailing list to which I send notices of each update to XTide or the harmonics data.  You can subscribe or read the archives at http://ten.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/xtide-announce.

Please note:  If an announcement to you gets bounced by your mail server, you fall off the list.  Some long-time contributors have fallen off because, unbeknownst to them, their ISPs subscribed to a spam blackholing service that blackholed all pair.com-hosted domains after one of them sent out spam.

To do list


Major things to do in XTide 3 if life turns out not to be too short after all:


It should be possible to link directly with liboctave to avoid the very inefficient conversion of input data from binary to text and back again that currently is done.  However, this would be fixing something that is not broken, and is neither important nor urgent.


Remember to update the version strings in the pre-generated DOS/tcd.h and VS/tcd.h files.

Remember to update the DOS and VS build instructions in the documentation and in VS/README.txt.

Incorporate notes and findings about the SP98 inference method from the flips investigation into the documentation somewhere.

Things to do in the next major revision, if there ever is one:

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