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Icon Differences from XTide 1

[As if anybody remembers XTide 1.  This section is now obsolete.]

XTide 2 is a complete redesign of XTide 1.  There are too many subtle improvements to list them all, but here are the not so subtle ones:

These are the non-obvious things you must know in order to migrate:

  1. The environment variable HFILE is no longer used to specify the harmonics file; instead, HFILE_PATH is used:
    export HFILE_PATH=/usr/local/share/xtide/harmonics.tcd
    If HFILE_PATH is not set, XTide looks for the file "harmonics.tcd" in the default directory.
  2. XTide now has its own built-in icon.  Remove any icon settings that you made in your window manager init files.  [Since the icon protocol that XTide 2 uses is no longer supported by newer window managers, that advice can be disregarded.]
  3. You may no longer use anonymous units in harmonics files.  The units must be one of the recognized alternatives.  These are:  feet, meters, knots, knots^2 (for hydraulic currents).  If you are still using an ancient harmonics file that contains no units or "bogo-knots," then shame on you.  It's high time that you upgraded.

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